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Plodding Into the New Year

It’s now the middle of January and I, until today, had been feeling like I’m still trying to wake up from a long nap. New year, new me? Blech. I had a wonderful time with friends and family over the holidays but that time was busier than I wanted it to be and the truth is, I still feel tired. My mounting task list is uninspiring and I feel a nagging worry about some of the same things I worried about last year.  

I had been feeling a slight resentment toward the artificial pressures that the new year brings. Didn’t I read somewhere that how you spend your time on January 1st typically reveals how you’ll spend the year ahead?  I can’t really remember what I did on that day but I think it involved holey pajamas and binge watching television. Great.

The other day a dear friend earnestly asked me what my resolutions were for the year, and I lamely rattled off some vague career goals.  I realized that I had only briefly thought about it.  In that moment I felt ashamed of myself. I’m in the h…

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